Wednesday, February 11, 2009

First New York, then the nation

I am back from Five Guys' corporate training and wanted to pass along an amazing story about buns. More on the training experience in a later post.

First of all, 5 Guys' buns are great, which I did not expect. I spent a decent time behind the grill over the past couple of days and can tell you that the smell as they're grilled is pretty intoxicating. They hold up well to the patties and toppings, and actually stay more solid than you would think after being wrapped with meat and toppings in foil for 10 minutes or more. They are also expensive; how expensive they are is apparently a trade secret, but I will say that it's more than you pay at the grocery store. 5 Guys is about a great burger and fries experience, not low price, so it makes sense for franchisees to pay a little extra for a better quality product.

The buns are 100% trans-fat free. The interesting story for me is that this is true because Five Guys expanded into New York City, which restricts "trans fats" in restaurants. This regulation forced Five Guys to alter their recipe to gain entry to that very lucrative market. It's not really feasible to have one recipe for NYC and another for the nation, so as a result, the bun recipe changed everywhere. So, now every Five Guys in the nation has trans-fat free buns.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Five Guys is not health food and shouldn't be confused for that. That said, I found it amazing that New York passing a law changes how buns are served in Colorado, Utah, South Carolina, Virginia, and everywhere else.


Anonymous said...

When is the scheduled opening of the restaurant?

Peter L., Marlborough said...

Not health food? What are you talking about?! A great burger and fries does wonders for one's mental health!