Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First store plans approved!

A huge day for us at Mass Burgers -- we got approval for our Marlborough store architectural plans from 5 Guys and are ready to bid them out and get rolling on permitting. We had been told by a number of other franchisees that we'd talked to that this can be a hassle and had planned a pretty long contingency.

All in all, things have been fairly smooth for this store opening so far. Marc had a great phone call with the head of the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce yesterday, our progress in looking for a GM and assistants hasn't hit snags yet, and our lender is moving quickly on our financing requests. And, on top of that, our legal bills actually came in below budget (a sentence I don't think I've ever written before).

So in a turbulent economy and in a business that we know will have challenges, it is always gratifying to have a day that is 100% good.

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