Friday, November 14, 2008

Patriot Place Five Guys is open!!

We visited our neighbor franchisee's new store in Patriot Place today; that's the shopping center complex recently opened near the Patriots' stadium in Foxborough, MA. A colleague of mine described the place as a "man mall" because of stores like Bass Pro.

Sean Olson opened very recently and was doing a great lunchtime business. A couple of pics I took from my Blackberry (they're not the best, I know) are below:

Marc and I brought our partner, Tom Donnelly for lunch -- burgers and fries were good and the service was very fast considering how new the store was. We got some good ideas for our Marlborough store in terms of layout (good) and looked at slightly-more-expensive-than-we-thought-they-would-be proposals from sign vendors (less good, but still OK).

Congratulations Sean!!

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