Friday, November 21, 2008

Thank You Panera

A brief shout-out to Panera, without whose bottomless decaf and wireless access we would not have been able to interview our small army of GM candidates. If I were their landlord, I would be taking a hard look at their parking requirements because there were many others like me (and Marc last week) who camped out there for quite some time. I think the small-business-person-too-cheap-to-have-an-office contingent made up 1/3 of their traffic while I was there.

Thank you Panera.

Anyway, we are getting close to the end of this round of interviewing. As an entrepreneur, it is interesting to see how the caliber of people you interview can influence your ideas about the position you are hiring for. In the end, I think you get a better outcome being little flexible based on the talent walking in the door. The Five Guys concept is pretty compelling, and so is working for a growth business with a lot of career path and opportunity, so we have been fortunate to talk to some very, very good people this week.

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